Acintya tribal beaded boxes

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This is the geometric (call me 'tribal') version of our Acintya boxes. Beautiful set of three beaded boxes to organise all the bits and pieces that are lying around in your bedroom, living room or at the baby's nursery. Handmade by our artisans in Bali, Indonesia with bamboo leaves and beads.



Large - L: 22 cm H: 20 cm

Medium - L: 17 cm H: 15 cm

Small - L: 13 cm H: 11 cm

Acintya, in Sanskrit: अचिन्त्य, is central to the beliefs of Indonesian Hinduism and means the unconceivable or unimaginable. He is the supreme God and thus a key figure in the traditional Balinese ‘puppet theatre’, the wayang. Walking around in Bali, you will observe that each morning the locals place in front of their shops little banana leaf trays with candles and various treats. These are offerings to their Gods and quite often to Acintya, who is often pictured on a throne due to his importance.