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We travel the world to discover and bring to you little gems of global artisanship. Handpicked pieces, natural materials. Craftsmen working with precious century-old techniques to create a beloved piece for your home.

A small collection, sourced with respect for the makers and their environment. Our aspiration is to be able to give back to the artisan communities thus becoming part of their growth path and prosperity.

In a world that is constantly spinning, we bring to you our findings from faraway places where the pace of living is slower. Pieces that you will cherish and will add a touch of uniqueness and wanderlust in your space. Welcome to our Astarte Home!

What we offer

Our collection consists of textile items, lighting and a selection of objects which will add a unique character to your space. Each of them has been created by devoted artisans living and working in different parts of the globe: from Marrakesh to Accra and from Jaipur to Bali.